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Bob Feinberg and Camille Brady playing Malibu Board Game of Fame and Fortune at beach house in Malibu

Malibu Bobby and Camille Brady having fun playing the Malibu Board Game.

Two years ago, MALIBU resident Robert (Malibu Bobby) Feinberg had a bright idea: he was going to create a board game about his hometown of MALIBU. But making the game wasn’t as simple as it sounded. Feinberg designed the game board from scratch, coming up with several different design models over the course of three months.

“The challenges were unbelievable,” Feinberg said. “After approving the final game board design, I retained a law firm that had expertise in game copyright law. They were concerned about the shape of the board, which was similar to other games on the market, so they suggested that I re-design it into an oval shape. Heeding my lawyers advice, the project was set back another month or two.”

Photography by Roxanne McCann

Voted Best Game of the Year for 2015!

Feinberg also incorporated Fame & Fortune into the logo and created 20 Fame and 20 Fortune cards, which he described as “hilarious and very MALIBU.” He then hired an artist who specialized in 3D figurines to design the MALIBU game pieces: a surfer, a paddleboarder, sandals, sunglasses, a dolphin and a Woody.

Ultimately, Feinberg collaborated with Michael Spahitz of Board Game Design & Manufacturing Services who was instrumental in bringing the MALIBU game Design to fruition and handled all game Manufacturing.


We are making the switch from Video Games back to Board Games…and MALIBU is our favorite!

This isn’t the first time Feinberg has designed a game. Previously, he was the president and CEO of PBMR Bar Review Course, a national bar review course that specialized in preparing law students for the bar exam. Before selling PBMR to the Washington Post/Kaplan Educational Testing Service and switching to a career in MALIBU real estate, he designed a game based on passing the bar exam but never followed through with the project, only to later discover a game similar to his original idea on the market.

“I became very upset with the realization that someone had apparently appropriated my idea, but recognized I had no recourse given the fact that I sold my intellectual property to Kaplan”, Feinberg said. “However, I was now inspired to develop a board game of my own when it dawned on me to use my real estate experience and create a new property game about one of the most beautiful beach towns in the world.”

1st Annual Malibu Game Championship Tournament at Taverna tony's Restaurant.

Malibu Bobby toasting the 1st Annual MALIBU Game Championship Tournament at Taverna Tony’s Restaurant.

To kick off the launch, the first annual MALIBU Game of Fame & Fortune Championship Tournament took place at Taverna Tony’s Restaurant in October. The event was a huge success with over 100 people participating in the tournament and the winner received a grand prize of $500.

“My goal is to promote the MALIBU game locally, statewide, nationally and, eventually, internationally,” Feinberg said. “There is only one MALIBU… it has worldwide appeal and recognition. I know that everyone whether they be young kids, Millennials, or older people will love playing this game!”

Reprinted with permission of the Malibu Times Magazine.
Photography by Roxanne McCaine. Witten by Pamela Kirk.


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