Malibu Game Creator Auditions for Endorse Me TV Show

March Blog Bob at Bunim Murray

In March, Malibu Board Game creator Bob Feinberg (AKA, Malibu Bobby) was chosen to audition for Bunim-Murray’s Endorse Me, a new show on Spike TV hosted by 50 Cent!  Here’s Malibu Bobby and the Malibu Board Game at Bunim-Murray’s casting offices.

When asked which Hollywood celebrities would Bob like to have endorse his game, he chose Robert Downey, Jr., Jennifer Anniston, Gerard Butler, Pamela Anderson and Caitlyn Jenner (all of whom either live in Malibu or have a Malibu connection).

Pepperdine Student Journalist Interviews Malibu Bobby

Malibu Bobby and Carly Hanna from Pepperine J Dep't

Here’s Pepperdine journalism student, Carly Hanna, conducting an interview with Malibu Bobby at his home on La Costa Beach. The students at Pepperdine University, which is located in Malibu, have raved about the game and have organized a MALIBU GAME NIGHT at the Student Center.  Board games are back in vogue with the Millennial generation!!

Pepperdine Sign

Malibu Surfside News Traces Evolvement of The MALIBU Game

Malibu Surfside Malibu Board Game Begins

Malibu Surfside News interviewed Malibu Bobby for a feature article about  how the MALIBU board game was created. Here is a picture of the first pencil draft of the game board that Malibu Bobby drew on a manila folder while having lunch at his favorite Malibu restaurant Taverna Tony’s on December 3, 2013.

Photography by Roxanne McCann

Photography by Roxanne McCann

Eighteen months later…..after seven different design layouts……the final oval MALIBU game board was completed and is rapidly becoming the MOST POPULAR board game since MONOPOLY!!

Malibu Times Highlights The Exciting New MALIBU Game

In its December issue Malibu Times Magazine  published a feature article about Robert Feinberg and the launch of his new game MALIBU GAME OF FAME AND FORTUNE. Here is a picture of Malibu Bobby playing the game with Camille Brady, a model who is featured on the box cover of the game. Article written by Kamala Kirk and reprinted with permission of Malibu Times Magazine.

Malibu Board Game Launch Party!

December-Blog-Malibu-Game-Night-3The 1st Annual MALIBU BOARD GAME Championship Tournament was held at Taverna Tony’s Restaurant in November, 2015. The “launch party” was a huge success and over 100 people attended the event. Here is Robert Feinberg, the game’s creator, having a champagne toast while watching the players enjoy the game.