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MALIBU is a 23 mile strip of scenic beauty between the Santa Monica Mountains and the deep blue Pacific Ocean. MALIBU’s glorious history dates back to the Chumash Native American Indians, who originally named the territory “Humaliwo”, which means “where the surf sounds loudly”. Reminiscent of the lyrics in the Joni Mitchell song “Trouble Child” where she sings……”breaking like the waves in MALIBU”. This idyllic Southern California land was just as prized by the Native Americans as it is now by the rich and famous, who live in million dollar homes along the beach and up in the mountains. MALIBU is a place blessed with surf, sun, and a near perfect Mediterranean climate.

Malibu-Road Malibu Board Game

MALIBU offers the best in Southern California living. This small town is situated only 20 miles from Los Angeles and Hollywood, yet far enough away from the traffic, noise and congestion of big city life. All the cliches of Southern California come true in MALIBU: the swimming pools, movie stars, paparazzi, and fancy cars. But MALIBU is also a laid back, quiet and surprising rural beachfront community. Often compared to the Amalfi coastline in Italy, MALIBU is the California Riviera, a thin slice of la dolce vita, home to such celebrities as Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey, Jr., Barbara Streisand, Bob Dylan, Matthew McConaughey, Pierce Brosnan, Pamela Anderson, Sean Penn, Charlize Theron, Mel Gibson, just to name a few.

Inspired by MALIBU’s rich history, I decided to create a property game called MALIBU GAME OF FAME AND FORTUNE about my hometown.Robert Feinberg, MALIBU Board Game Inventor

Walk-of-Fame Malibu Board Game

As a MALIBU real estate investor and developer, Feinberg was knowledgable about the MALIBU real estate market and property valuations. But interestingly, the MALIBU game also has an East Coast component. Feinberg grew up in New Jersey and spent his summers vacationing on the Jersey “Shore”. He knew that MONOPOLY (the world’s most famous property game) was based on Atlantic City. Mindful of MONOPOLY’s East Coast connection, Feinberg decided to create a hipper, cooler West Coast version. Just like the Beach Boys, Robert wanted to glorify the Southern California lifestyle in a property board game format.

paddle-boarders Malibu Board Game

Each player starts with $4,000,000. The amount you receive for selling your screenplay to a major Hollywood film studio. With this start-up money you move to MALIBU and aspire to become a real estate tycoon. The players buy and trade various MALIBU properties. The cheapest being MALIBU RV Trailer Park which sells for $200,000 while Carbon Beach, known as Billionaires Beach, is the most expensive at $1,000,000. When properties are purchased, players receive deed cards which have actual pictures of the scenic properties. Other features of the game include FAME and FORTUNE cards which tell real life stories about MALIBU, everything from earthquakes, canyon fires, beach erosion, DUI checkpoints, Baywatch filming, and paparazzi “free zones”.

bikini-girl Malibu Board Game

In conclusion, MALIBU has come a long way since the Chumash tribe inhabited the 23 mile strip of land centuries ago. When you play MALIBU, an interesting question to ask yourself is this….….”Do you think a person today driving a BMW along Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is happier than a Chumash Indian riding his horse along the beach at sunset”?

At least one thing is certain…you and your friends will enjoy playing the new and exciting MALIBU board game. Good luck…have fun!!!


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