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Malibu Board Game

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Property Deeds

Malibu Board Game

During the game when you purchase properties, you receive deeds showing actual pictures of your real estate investment(s). You’ll see why MALIBU is called the California Riviera and why it’s home to such Hollywood celebrities as Sean Penn, Charlize Theron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pierce Brosnan and Caitlyn Jenner. Now you can own a MALIBU beachfront mansion!!!!

Custom Game Pieces

Malibu Board Game

The game pieces depict Southern California’s “hip”, cool, laid back lifestyle. You can choose to be a surfer, paddle boarder, dolphin….. or drive around the board in your Woody……or wear classic beachwear such as sunglasses and sandals. Also, as a real estate tycoon, you will want to upgrade your properties with custom made silver coated Villas and gold plated Mansions……not cheap houses and hotels!!


Malibu Board Game

Each player starts with $4,000,000 in MALIBU money which is graphically designed in the denominations of $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, $100,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000. MALIBU is proud to feature women on its currency showing support for gender equality.

Fame & Fortune Cards

Malibu Board Game

These cards are hilarious and tell real life stories about MALIBU’s iconic lifestyle. Players will experience everything from earthquakes, canyon fires, El Nino storms, paparazzi, DUI checkpoints to karaoke night at Cafe Havana where Kid Rock and Sting are known to perform. After playing the MALIBU game, you will see why it is the favorite beachfront home of the STARS!!

DUI Arrest Record

Malibu Board Game

When a player lands on the DUI checkpoint square, he is arrested and loses a turn. No rent may be collected when incarcerated. After the 2nd DUI arrest, players are required to go to Seaside Rehab Center and roll the dice for their treatment program. The next DUI results in game elimination. There are DUI Expungement cards which “wipes clean” the arrest record and are a strategic game component.

Lottery Wheel

Malibu Board Game

During the game when you pass or land on the MALIBU Lottery, you get to spin the Million $$$ Jackpot Wheel. The lottery payout may range anywhere from $100,000 to $1,000,000 or, if you’re unlucky, zero. The MALIBU Lottery is an exciting feature of the game because it allows players who are on the verge of bankruptcy to immediately get “get back in the game” with the spin of a wheel.


Players: 2-6
Ages: 13-70+

You’ll Love MALIBU!

Buy Malibu Board Game

Sherrie Swist – Malibu, California

"I purchased the MALIBU game as a Christmas present for my 12 year-old son. Our family played the game and absolutely loved it. It is now my son's favorite board game and he and his friends play it every Friday night when they have sleep overs. Not only is the game fun but it is very educational and teaches the kids about investments, money management, solar energy, global warming, beach erosion, homelessness, gender equality and related issues. In comparison, MONOPOLY is totally outdated and has no social relevance in today's society."

Sherrie Swist - Malibu, California

Maxine Wynn – Westfield, New Jersey

"We are board game 'junkies' and purchased MALIBU at the recent Chicago Toy and Game Convention after hearing everybody raving about it. The game is absolutely AMAZING and is in the same league with Monopoly, Risk, Clue, Game of Life, and Catatan. MALIBU is by far the best, new board game in the last 30 years and I predict that while Monopoly was the best board game in the 20th century……MALIBU will be the best board game of the 21st century!! "

Maxine Wynn - Westfield, New Jersey

Tricia Phillips – London, England

"We were in Malibu on vacation from the UK and purchased MALIBU GAME OF FAME AND FORTUNE as a gift to take back home. To our utter amazement, the game is absolutely FANTASTIC. We now have a weekly Malibu game night at our home in London. Perhaps you are unaware but Monopoly was based on a British game called the 'Landlord Game' which dates back to 1904. Congratulations, you now have created the California version of our 'Landlord Game'. Once the word gets out……your European sales will skyrocket!!!

Tricia Phillips - London, England

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